About BGEF

The Beech Grove Education Foundation . . .preparing students to successfully meet the challenges of the future!


Believing Beech Grove students should have the very best in educational opportunities, community leaders founded the Beech Grove Education Foundation in 1996.

Realizing that state and federal funding for public education is limited, and always will be, the founding members helped raise more than $1 million, which was permanently invested in an endowment that will provide financial support for college scholarships and grant programs not funded through the school corporation’s regular budget.


The mission of the Beech Grove Education Foundation is to promote community support for excellence in education, and to provide the resources for new projects and creative approaches for existing programs, in order to prepare students to successfully meet the challenges of the future.

Supporting the Beech Grove Education Foundation

  • Make an unrestricted donation
  • Donate specifically to any of the funds listed below
  • Purchase an Education specialty license plate from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and designating Beech Grove City Schools on your license renewal form.  The Beech Grove Education Foundation will receive $25 for each license plate ordered.
  • Establish a scholarship fund in memory or honor of an individual, family, business or organization.
  • Make a planned gift or bequest to the Foundation through your estate planning.
  • Support a special event

Establishing a Scholarship Fund

Any individual, family, business or organization can establish a scholarship fund by making a minimum investment of $5,000.  The Foundation will invest the endowment permanently at the Central Indiana Community Foundation.

The intent in beginning the fund should be to have it grow to at $10,000 as quickly as possible.  A $10,000 endowment provides a $500 scholarship to a member of all future Beech Grove High School graduation classes.

A scholarship fund can be named in honor or memory of a loved one or for a business or organization.  To learn more about establishing a Foundation scholarship fund, call Melody Stevens, Executive Director at (317) 908-1223.


Current Education Foundation Funds

  • Beech Grove Education Foundation Grants
  • Beech Grove High School Performing Arts Fund
  • Beech Grove Lions Club Scholarship Fund
  • Beech Grove Wrestling Fund
  • Bradley G. Showalter Scholarship Fund
  • Bye Family Scholarship Fund
  • E. Hayes Fairchild Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Joseph Nauyokas Scholarship Fund
  • Julie Sambol Memorial Fund
  • Earl and Mildred Hudson Scholarship Fund
  • Mike McMorrow Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Van Horn Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Jim Hensley “Field of Dreams” Fund
  • Unrestricted Fund
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